Chopperkingz Roadtrip


The Chopperkingz did a roadtrip to Spain(!) and on the way back they took a big loop north so they would be able to visit the Harley Brothers in Luxembourg for their 25th birthday. On their way back home they planned to visit the French Bubu and his Chopper Freakers Band.

On photo: In one day Chopperkingz member Manu had ridden directly from Bretagne to Luxembourg (a 1000 km ride) so he too could visit the HD Bros and join his clubbrothers on the way back home. But when they wanted to leave in the morning Manu found out that his battery died.( Thanx HDC Lakeside for your help with the voltmeter). Rogues member Huig from Coast Customs Katwijk came to the rescue with a new battery.

Chopperkingz visiting Chopper Freakers Band, North France.

The Chopperkingz from Bretagne arrived late in the evening at Bubu’s place after their visit to High Chaparal and the Harly Brothers. And guess what? It was just in time to celebrate Bubu’s birthday!

Great time was had by all, and on behalf of the Chopperkingz I thank Bubu for the great hospitality.

25th Anniversary Harley Brothers Luxembourg

Rogues members Lurch and Molly on their way to Luxembourg for the Harley Brothers Anniversary. Many Rogues stayed at the High Chapparal biker campground so they could combine a little vacation together with the HD Bros party. Many never arrived at the party because of heavy policecontrols in Luxembourg. One of us even got fined for only having blinkers in the rear of the bike and for….now, fuck this…. not carrying a yellow reflective vest.! Man, this is how you discourage true motorcycle lovers from visiting your country. Unbelievable.