Sporty Monday

How come a lot of Asian Sportsters look so good and are still outfitted with a stock frame? Mostly because they make everything a bit smaller so the frame looks bigger and more chopper-like. It is beautifull how some of these Sportsters look. You must be not tall yourself though to ride one of those. That’s why you do not see much of this in Holland and Northern Europe.

Look at that gastank….it is much smaller than a stock Sportster tank. Only because the tunnel is almost gone it still holds like maybe 5 liters of gas. Good for hunderd clicks, if you run a stock carb…but hundred clicks is nice. Time to stop for a smoke or a snack anyway. Makes the bike look much better.

Metric Choppers

Absolutely beautifull and would you believe…it is a fucking Honda Shadow or something like that. You gotta love it! I know we do! If we would only accept bikers on chopped Harleys in our scene, how would we ever get young blood in it?

Do you own a handbuilt Japanese based chopper and it looks similar as this, we would love to have it in our show, april 16th. Ratbikes or bikes with bad finish need not to reply, but clean, detailed scoots like this…yes!