Highnecks clubstyle

Besides Highneck Choppers built by Jesse James and the ones that look like it, there are also a lot of other Highnecks in the club scene of today. Softails, Dyna’s and even FXR’s chopped the traditional way by cutting the stock frames, stretching them to accept longer forks. Chops mostly fitted with a frisco gastank. In most clubs they leave the back-end of the bike pretty much stock… This FXR here is being built by Patrick from El Forastero MC. These type of bikes handle better then stock.

We predict that these style of choppers will become more popular and that people start making them look more custom then they look now. They could start by making the back-end look way better then stock by chopping or making one-off fenders, lowering the seat-location, making different one-off swing-arms…plenty of ideas.

Japanese Highneck

The Japanese are known for their zero style, their own version of the Frisco style and recently for their ultra radical seventies long forked highway chops. But nobody knows the Japanese build excellent Highnecks too. Look at this Highneck here? Ain’t it awesome, totally inspired by Jesse James I dare to say the japs make them look even better. Would absolutely love to have a bike like this in our club!!!

Classic Highneck

When we speak of Highnecks people often have the idea we are talking about the choppers that were factory built at the time Jesse James was at the top of his glory. Big Dog Highnecks to name one. Well, in fact the term Highneck stands for a much wider range of choppers. We as a club don’t use the factory Highneck choppers for inspiration at all!! We mostly look at what Jesse James did. All his bikes are absolutely da bomb. Also highnecks by the Nash brothers or Gangster choppers are a cool referance. But all these pro-builders took their inspiration from the Streets. It were the outlaw cubs that started the Highnecks allthough they never called them like that. When people got bored with the short-fork frisco choppers they started going for long forks. First without rake with the motor up hill, than they started raking the frames to keep them level to the tramac but some went for no rake or hardly any rake. They just stretched the front tubes of the frame. These choppers were built with better handling, good maneuvrability and racing in mind. They looked like the bike on photo. The bike on photo is another of David Barragan’s wild creations.

Visitors Wednesday Evening

We always have our clubnight and open evening at wednesdays. Every week Rogues come together for a drink and a chat. Sometimes we have a few visitors, friends of the club, but yesterday we had half the Animals MC from the south of Holland. And despite the fact it was freezing some rode(!) the 300 klicks. Yes, they came by bike! Pikeboer from the Black Sheep had been helping our guy Beer with a new addition to his workshop and ‘felt with his nose in the butter’, haha