Jockey shift

Girders and jockey shifts, who doesn’t like them? When you shift at the gearbox and by hand as is shown on this photo, it is called a Jockey Shift. A suicide clutch is a foot clutch that cannot be fixed when you engage it. It goes when you take your foot up, like with a a car. So if yer foot falls of at a traffic light the bike gets off. Suicide it is! We used to fuck with the members who rode with them by bumping against there reartire when at a traffic light. This photo was sent in by Yvon, our friend and French Chopper Kingz member.

Hey, it don’t need to be a Harley

We love choppers. We want the chopper-scene to stay alive. A lot of us are greybeards. So we need yound enthousiastic dudes. Biggest problem for you kids is money, we can totally relate, having start at the age of 18 too. But it can be so simple. All you need is an old Jap, in this case an old Honda CB, good taste, a feel for coolness and the guts to strip the whole thing down to its bare bones. Drop that seat a bit, make yer own pipes, mount that cool-ass short fatbob fender, get a gastank from a smaller classic motorcycle and a swap the stock rearwheel 16 inch wheel.

Hey, it does not need to be a Harley

So you are a young dude, you don’t have the money to buy a Harley or build a clean chopper but you love the lifestyle. Go ahead and buy an old Honda Shadow. They got these cool look frames already, all ya gotta do is strip them down, bolt the fender to the swingarm, make a super dooper Sissybar, add some Apehanger handlebars, open up them pipes and be accepted in the 2 percenter scene. It does not need to be a Harley. Follow your dream, don’t listen to the Haters.