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    1. Rouges M.C.~ Your Web page & club brotherhood is inspiring much appreciated and enjoyed. 47-MC CLEVELAND Ohio

  1. Hi. I.m from Ireland. I build and ride my own chopper and trike. I was just wondering would it be possible for me to get a 2 % patch. Cheers guys you do awesome work.

  2. looking awesome!! The new blog , first I was shocked but after a few cold one’s it’s looking better .
    follow your blog a few years now, your doing great, Keep up .

  3. Love the new blog format!! Started going back from the beginning to relive all the cool posts. Hope all is well up there and winter stays away for a few more weeks to get in a few more miles. Choppers forever forever choppers.

  4. Super, die reisfoto’s van Yvon. En zoals geopperd, ook met een chopper kun je zulke ritten maken! Gewoon doen!
    Ben benieuwd wie nog wat plaatjes gaat sturen met avonturen op de choppert.
    Keep up the good work.
    Greetz van Peter, blogfollower.

  5. Thanks for the shout-out of our brothers in the northwest USA!
    Website looks very cool grizzly ( its usually a lot more work than people think LOL )
    You can see some more choppers that are ridden daily on on the random stuff page.
    have a good day!

  6. Great photo’s , nice bikes…much respect from Nova Scotia, Canada… We just had our first big snow fall of the winter, no more bike riding for the next 5 mounth .

  7. Ik volg jullie blog al een tijdje,maar het is nu nog beter,en nog bedankt voor de gratis R sticker bij het shirt dat ik besteld had,groeten uit het noorden des lands,boely…

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