Today we worked on Limps chopper. Tiny details so not too much to show, still lot of work. And yes it was fun. On photo: we narrowed the fender, shortened it and corrected the radius.


Buddha, our Almere member went to Bali to check out the bikerscene overthere. Well, it is alive and kickin! and Buddha is having a grand ol' time. He took a (poor quality) photo of Sofar on Jenger's bike. Missed Vero but still lots to see.


WATCH OUT they are coming. Looking at the axes it must be the goddamn Chopper Freaks again. Anything to chop, ya all? Hey Atlle how is far yer bike? Is it painted yet? Photo please. 

Gypsy Jokers

Yvon found this picture of the old Jokers in Frisco.  They are not in Frisco anymore. On our travels we have met the Jokers in Portland and Salem, Oregon and Seattle, Washington. Real old skool bikers.