Pat Kennedy

This bike was built by Pat Kennedy for Keith Ball from Easyriders. It wasfeatured in the first how-to article in that magazine and most of our guys just loved that bike. It has influenced many of us, and certainly started our love for the highneck look. It looks both traditional as modern.

Old newspaperclipping

In the early days of the Rogues there were many, many locals wanting to fight us all the time. So the club was a regular in the local newspaper. The J.A. mentioned in this clipping is our founding member Brass who never stepped aside for anybody, not even when, like in this case, someone attacked him with an axe.


Attle from Chopper Freaks is building this great looking bike at the moment. Love it! It is fun to see that we are all influencing each other.


David Mann was not only a great lifestyle artist, he was also an outlaw clubmember. El Forestero MC was his club, on the photo you see one of his best friends, Forestero member Tiny. The club still exists today and it is choppers-only!