Bigtwin Bikeshow

Receiving the price. Brembo built this bike for a friend, an international jury picked it as one of the best 10 bikes of the show. ( and Floris, thank you for the photo, the other one will be posted in the weekend)


Our PMA member NOl has three new projects. This is one of them. Customer: Can you build this into a good looking chopper?' Nol: 'hey bring me the trash man, the name is Dutch Trash Choppers, you know'. We will follow this project on the blog. Believe me, it will turn into a great looking bike!


Chopper Freak Buer is building a Hill cliimber. He would like to take it to the Rogues party, but hey, no fucking hills over here……

It’s weekend!

Well almost. Ed's choice of sweet cheeks. Ask the brothers to send photos about bikes, nobody reacts. Ask them to send photos of great butts, everybody gets excited and starts mailing cheeks…..typical