RMC chopper

Jockey shift hardtail shovel. One of our members built this bike around 15 or 20 years ago. Just after having it finished (show and magazine worthy) he rode it to some part in the woods. The mud made the bike look like shit but that is good. Takes away the urge of keeping it all clean and tidy. Choppers are meant for riding, period!


Nol when he still lived in Holland with his softail chopper. The bike is built with cheap parts. The Softail frame was raked and stretched and made to fit an old FXR powerplant. Pipes, rearfender, seat, friscoed gastank etc. All work done in the clubhouse. Rearwheel is from a Japbike, frontwheel an affordable aftermarket item. Paint by Brembo. He took the bike to the US where he lives now. It is his daily rider.