Raw Iron Choppers

Look at it, that very cool frame, the gastank that is just right for the bike eventhough it is a big one, teh mid pegs, the whole stance. The way teh fender sits and the seat is made. Perfectness! And another example that a West Coast Style chop does not Always neeed a long frontend to look fucking cool!

Raw Iron Choppers

In the Rogues most members still prefer this West Coast style over teh now popular seventies chops and we can’t wait to see this one finished! Raw Iron, remember thsi name and keep them in close check!

Hey Snickle, what do you say? Something for you? Lets rip them ol’ softails apart and turn them into something like this. Inspiration!

Rogues Anniversary SOON, be there if ya can!

Each year Rogues MC Opmeer is celebrating it’s anniversary. Besides for all good MC friends we are opening our gates for all chopper lovers and two percenters. This is a small but international party with only a couple of hundred people showing up each year. Although it starts at Friday, the main day is the Saturday. On Saturday we will have several interesting trade-stands, good food and cold drinks, life music, a ride-out, a little ride-in chopper show, maybe some silly games and we will be handing out a handmade trophee for the one who did the longest distance on his chopper to come to our party.

Besides all that, the new clubhouse will be open. Mind you, it is far from finished because we are running out of money (Always the same story). You will get an idea how it will look like, it will be awesome in the end.

We hope our clubhouse can be a cool place to visit for traveling chopper people in the future, just like so many other clubhouses of likeminded clubs are already today in Europe. Bring back the old days!


Our friend Horst who is doing more than keeping the chopper spirit alive. He is the maker of the book SAVE THE CHOPPER. Check it out! Although this Multi-pager is written in German it still is a must-have! If you love choppers you gotta get it!

Rogues Anniversary RIDE-IN BIKE-SHOW!!!

Got a cool chopper? Come to our ride-in bikeshow on Saturday 5th of august. The show will be held during our anniversary party and the winner gets a handmade metal mini sculpture. All types of choppers welcome! We would love to have some bikes like the one on photo but we also dig many other types of choppers.

Brands of the motors are not important either. If it is build with passion and creativity we are hoping to have it on this little show.