Well, this is what you call ‘Back in time’. It’s 1977 and the five of us had planned to go on vacation to Valkenburg in Limburg. Anyway, prior to this holiday, we made a group-photo at Stud’s parents house. We all had mopeds then. This was the time in run up to the founding of our club.

We see from left to the right; Brass [me], Disco Kut – RI.P., Stud, Beer and Krop. We all rode a Yamaha 50cc FS1 two stroke, except Stud. He rode a Honda 50cc four stroke.

We always made fun about the brand of the mopeds we rode. Stud always said to the four of us: ‘Yamaha? Yamahahahaha’, and we on our turn of course: ‘Honda? Hondahahahah!’ At my grandpa’s place there was a huge barn where we had our ‘base’. On the beams we wrote several texts to annoy each other. LOL

Beer, Krop and me are the founders of Rogues MC Opmeer. Stud joined two months later. Gerard Pronk, a.k.a. ‘Disco Kut’, stayed a good friend but never joined the club. Sadly he took his own life in the early nineties. These things happens as well and we all have to coop with it.

But that holiday in 1977 was awesome and we had a lot of fun.

Winter Project – Molly’s Hatchet

The owner Molly, Beer and Dennis Konings sat together debating what paintjob would look best on Molly’s Hatchet. After they had determined the style, the color and effects Dennis made a sketch as always. This way the owner could get a good impression of what it will look like when its done.

Molly from Opmeer totally digs it, except for the ball patterns, so Dennis was going to change that. Rest will stay the same. Special color red and big flakes! Last thing Molly wanted, was change the silver into gold.