Photo HD

The new HD LiveWire Electric motorcycle is not something we are used to to experience when riding one. I mean, either you like such a E-motorbike or you don’t.

Photo HD

But besides that argument and of course it’s an important argument, if not the most important reason to but one, this Harley is fast. And I mean real fast! From 0 to 100 KM/H in just 3 seconds!!! The LiveWire ain’t cheap either. It’s E 34.000,– or more. After 150 KM you need to recharge it. That takes you several hours, so plenty of time to party in between.

Nice RMC Show Candidate

Ever thought that the Easyriders Staff published other bikes then Harley’s, the answer probably would or will be no. But as always nothing is that simple and black and white. There’s also grey. A very nice example of grey was this Honda 750cc, 4 cylinder from 1971.

They featured this chopper in there 10th issue of Easyriders magazine from October 1972. Even then the ‘Staff’ had their preservations about publishing this. But they did.

As you all know by now we organise chopper-shows for almost thirty years now. And a Honda like this one definitely passes all ‘tests’ to be shown at our upcoming 29th RMC Choppershow.