Movieclip Tuesday

Around Christmas time in December of 1987, Stud borrowed a video camera to shoot some footage for Cancer, who was in South Africa at the time. Here we see Hond, Jesus, Beer, prospect Latka and Stud on a Wednesday night, club night, mid-December. At that time I was still in the AMC, the Amsterdam Medical Centre.

Vacation time

In the 1980s we went on holiday to Sweden for several years in a row. This is also the case in July of 1984. You can see us preparing for departure here and that was exciting enough, as every year. Will the engines last, will the weather remain nice and won’t we get no pain in our ass this time. Well, you understand, it won’t be much different with you.

Skull, behind Skull Dorien, Brat, Kwak, Beer, Fonda, Nacks, Schweik and in the right corner partially Inge [Beer’s younger sister]

Nacks, Schweik, Toon, Fonda, Kwak, Skull, Brat, Jos and Dorien. In the right corner also the moped of our younger brother Blut, a Yamaha 50cc FS1 [Membrane version]

Old shoebox

Beer in the eighties. Today he turns a year older again and I know him since he was three years old. Time flies, that’s for sure. The photo below we see me in the corner, both our neighbour boy and friend Gerard [RIP], Beer and his younger sister Ellen. That picture was made on the 24th of June in 1968 when Beer became seven years old. Almost 55 years ago…

Happy birthday bro… RMCF

Two-stroke part III

This and last week I had already written a few times about a two-stroke racer. Brembo still had a few photos in his ‘old shoebox’ of that same 80cc ‘Morbidelli’ racer. According to Beer it was a Benelli engine. I’m not sure, but it could very well be that this was a Benelli two-stroke indeed.

Brembo on the ‘drag-strip’ in probably 1993

Fonda, Brembo, Mannie [RIP] and Schweik [RIP] some thirty years ago

Racing Monday

A few days ago I was talking about “our” two-stroke racer. Last Saturday I spoke to Fonda at our club house and asked him if he knew anything more about that racer. He was able to tell that it was an original Italian ‘Morbidelli’ racer. From Livio or his son Franco. That’s not entirely clear. It was an 80cc and that thing could go over 20,000 rpm. That racer was incredibly fast. Unfortunately we no longer own it. Too bad… We had a lot of fun with it and just as much attention.

Ger ready for ‘take off’