The days are closing in. Before we know it it’s Easter Sunday and then we’ll present our 28th RMC Choppershow. Lots of bikes to see, many stands and live music. Many of you know the drill. The weather forecast for coming Sunday is exce3ptionally good. Above twenty degrees. So no worries there.

We have quite a few French choppers on our show this year. Great machines like this wild  High Pipe chop.

Sportster Monday

Last Monday I told you about my younger brother Blut and his ‘South-African’ Sportster, which he bought from Cancer. The damn engine had ‘issues’ every third corner. Maybe a bit exaggerated, but still.
Anyway, Blut decided to change the looks of his Sportster and turn it into a hardtail-chopper.
After having done that the engine underwent an overhaul. Most of the leaking problems where gone and starting the Sportster, compared with before that is, became more easy. But somehow it never preformed flawless. But it was manageable.

The first photo is from just before changing the ‘looks’ in April of 1985. The second picture was made on October 19th 1986 and the 3rd I took while we were on holiday to Jugoslavia in July 1986. That was is Germany, when his bike had some alternator problems and had to be replaced by a new one.

While showing his both hands filthy with dirt and oil, he still managed to present me a big smile on his face. Now, that’s the spirit. That was the last holiday together with my two brothers Blut and Toon. On June 14th1987 I broke my neck (C5) and January 15th 1988 my younger brother Blut died. It never was the same afterwards.


Today it’s seventeen years ago since unfortunately Schweik died while he was away for a few days with his wife Edith and their few months old daughter Pauline.
Today we’ll raise a glass in our clubhouse to commemorate him and his way of life. Schweik’s motto was : “life is one big party!”

Schweik, here’s to you…… RMCF, RMCF, RMCF!!!

This photo from Schweik I made on May the 20th of 1984, the same day as the pictures I posted yesterday.

Back in time

A few years ago, thirty-fife to be precise, I said to the guys : “Lets make some photos at the petrol station. The weather’s perfect and we have enough time!” So, of we went to the petrol station for the photo shoot.

The few I show today are from Skull, myself and my best and lifetime friend Beer. The day was May the 20th of 1984 and yes, we were young.

Skull a ‘few’ years ago