Over the years I’ve let a lot of things go through my hands whose name makes your eyebrows curl. And yes, I can add one more on my list.
This example shown below is not much different though.
This concerns potatoes. According to the inscription they are waxy potatoes.

Well, then we are all fully aware again about the constant ‘stealing’ of our name. Ha, ha, we ourselves were no better…
In America there were also Rogues in the 1970s.

RMC Memorial Day 2022

Yesterday was as each year a rather sad day. That’s when we, more then other days, take the time to remember our lost brothers. Again a ‘new’ name was added to the memorial lane at our clubgrounds.

March this year Francis sadly passed away and yesterday his name was also placed on our ‘memorial lane’ monument. As you all will understand is that these sort of days brings back a lot of memories and therefor a lot of emotions as well. No matter how tough one may be, I can asure you that on moments like these, most of us, if not all of us, get cold shivers.