Almost X-Mas

Each year we organise a Christmas diner in our clubhouse. Last year, because of covid-restrictions and all, was not the same like those before. Anyway, this year it ain’t much different either.

But to get in the mood anyway, here some pictures of a X-Mas party in our temporary clubhouse, erected after our clubhouse was burnt down earlier that year. These photos are from December, 26th 2015.

Bouncer shaking hands and Bob on the right side.

Limp and Ed from Luxembourg

Brass and Ed [R.I.P.] having fun

Former member Torra in the middle

Big Jos [R.I.P.] in the front, reading a club-magazine

Bob and Wicky

Molly counted out hanging in a lazy chair after having eaten more then enough

Sporty Monday

Last Monday we saw Ger on a bicycle and today I’ve posted a photo of Stud and Stoker from many years ago in winter time and also from Michael and his son Vito. All small and bigger water-ways were frozen, so the ideal situation for skating or pushing or puling a sled.

Stud on a sled and Stoker pushing him forward.

Here we Mihael, aka Mike the Bike, and his son Vito on a sled. On the right Fonda who had cleared the ice of snow with a snow shovel. These two photo’s are from December 1990.

1996 – 5th RMC Choppershow

Sometimes you wonder where all the time goes. Damn…. If all goes well, we’ll have our 29th RMC Choppershow in April 2022. That should have been our 31th. But for two years in a row covid-19 variants were a bummer.

On the photo above Junior and me [looking mean, haha]. This picture was taken on the 5th RMC Choppershow in the ‘Dars’ in Wervershoof on April, 7th 1996. Junior, and his father Stud, are chapter Almere members.

We, chapter Opmeer, sometimes tend to fool them by saying that it is their fault that they are members of chapter Almere and not ours. Well, a little healthy rivalry between the two chapters is part and parcel of course. Anyway, Junior used to be neighbour-kid in nineties.
He often came to Dionne and me to play games on my pc and of course hoping to get a candy. Sometimes two different socks on his feet, but what the hack… When he was a little bit older, we explained to him, that he only could ring the doorbell afer our curtains were opened and not before.

Good memories! Always nice to have him around. Back then and now.

Back on our Blog: ‘Breaking the week again’

Okay, for all those jerks among us, myself included of course, here’s a little puzzle again. Not that difficult though, you only have to spot the ‘R’.

In 2019 I had the same series of puzzles with nice women. Today number 24 or 31 or what ever in the these series. I lost count.

Also a small compilation; number 1 till 12 to fresh up your memory. And if you don’t have anything else to do, when you have cleaned your bike for the seventh time this day for instance, or whatever other reason you can think of to dive deep in our club-blog for some more ‘spot the R puzzles’…… Dig up these old posts and try to solve them as well. And I can tell you; “time flies when you’re having fun”.

Stoker and Bruut

In 2014 our club celebrated their 35th anniversary. A huge blue/yellow striped tent was erected at our premisses and on the photo above Stoker, our former treasurer, and Bruut are busy using a jacking-machine to smash iron pins into the ground for holding the tent into his position.

The photo below they are busy setting up the tent and as usual the best helmsmen are of course watching and roaring how things could be ‘much better’ if they did it their way….

Sporty Monday

Ger the day before the 7th RMC Choppershow in ‘De Dars’ in Wervershoof on April, 11th 1998.

About being sportive…. Ger, our ‘former’ road-captain probably had the idea that being sportive apparently meant that you were a ‘Sportster’ and accordingly his bicycle as well. A non-combusting Sportster that is. Zero horsepower, zero rake, zero exhaust but with 25″ front and rear wheel. He still had to learn a lot I’ll suppose.

And what better way then to organize Choppershows to see the tricks of the trades. We still have more then four months to go for our 29th Choppershow and with a bit of luck the Corona contamination rate will be at an ‘acceptable’ level by then, so the show can go on.

For the time being all the lights are still ‘green’.