Rogues History

Stock Shovelhead frame, 4 inch over fronttubes, 21 up front, half apes, Frisco tank, mids, handmade oilbag and rearfender and more. This was the way we chopped Shovels in Holland, especially the outlaw clubs in the seventies and eighties. When this bike was built by one of our members the main inspiration were Amsterdam Hells Angels Bikes. The style still looks fucking good. I remember riding through Amsterdam on my moped at the age of 16 when suddenly a group of HA appeared. They were riding helmetless, their levi-custoffs were dirty and worn. Long hair, beards and tattoos. Pirates on wheels! They ignored all stoplights and their bikes looked like the one on photo or maybe a bit wilder. Man, what a sight! It made a lasting impression! When we founded our own club we wanted to make that impression with our appearance and bikes as well. And WE still do!