Winterprojects: Etter

We made the first serious start with Etter's bike. Because we mounted a Twincam A motor with an adapter we spend almost the whole day making the motor fit and line up with the gearbox and primary. These adapters are not prefect and need a lot of tweaking. Other thing we did was shorten the gastank and welding a backplate in it. We will use sheetmetal to flow from the seat to the gastank. That's what Etter wants. Everything has to flow on this thing. Also made the mounts for the gastank and tagged them onto the frame. Next week: rearfender, sheetmetal and pipes. Or so we hope! Another fun job. Again we had a lot of other people in the clubhouse this saturday. Tora, jocky and Wouter showed up to install the new television and computors. Mick came to help us. Gerry was checking if there was enough beer and other drinks, Pim and Brembo came along just for fun. We had Lutz visit us from Germany and at the end of the day Beer's wife and kids and Wicky's new girlfriend showed up. 


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