Sporty Monday: Bikeshow Essen

Rogues member Beer went to Essen with his young friend Paul. They both entered Sportster choppers. Beer sais, I knew I did not stand a chance in winning anything but just loved to meet most of the builders and wanted to accompany Paul who had a fair chance in winning something. We had a great time, drank a lot of cold big beers, ate a lot of meat and  the show looked good but as a true chopper fanatic I must confess, despite the cool longbike in front of mine on photo,  there are hardly any true choppers to be seen at the AMD show and every year some sort of cafe-racer(…) wins the worldchampionship. That has been going on since the start. So you almost have to build something like that to win, or so it seems. Also the builders scene seems to remove itself from what lives on the streets more and more.