Meet Ed

If you have not met him before, you just have to! This is Ed, owner of camping High Chapparral in Luxemburg. Him and his wife Paula are running this great campground in a valley in Heiderscheidergrund, between Bastogne, Belgium and Ettelbruck, Luxemburg. Always many cool traveling bikers to be found there, good food, good drinks, first official two percenter Campground in Europe. Both Ed and his wife ride Harley. Ed is the owner of the Dr,Pepper Chopper and Paula rides a cool customized Sporty.

Do you own a campground and want to be known as a two percenter campground as well?  All you need to do is send us a note and we will come and check it out. Two percenter campground means you are open and give a special welcome to people riding handbuilt choppers.  We are handing out cool stickers that shows all you are a 2 percenter campground.

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