Typical Swedes

Now this is a Swedish chopper! The Swedes themselves would call this Denver style, Why? they had a club in Sweden called Denvers MC where almost all members rode these kind off bikes. All typical Denver Chops had coffintanks in one shape or another.

What makes this typical Swedsih? For one, the car-tire, the Swedes started the wide-tire thing. They started building choppers around wide cartires. Often 15 and even 14inch rearwheels made from carwheel-rims. Then the more then 20 inch over front-ends with raked triple trees to make them handle well. And the handmade frames with more rake than stretch and often shortened in the back. Tiller handlebars, or Haring bars as some Swedes call them, typical Swedish too! The short flat fenders and the short stumpy seats with a lot of space between seat and gastank. Beautifull lines and with the the right Luggage behind you, these bikes are actually pretty comfy. In the old days we saw them Swedes pass us many times going on trips with these radical choppers to Southern Europe. And when we were there to visit them and we rode with them through the hills on curvy roads we had a hard time keeping up with them evnthough our bikes were much less radical then theirs.

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