HESSIANS MC keeping the Chopper spirit alive!


We never thought we would ran into these guys but we did. We first saw there video some eight years ago. Man, oh man, were these guys crazy in the old days. And today? Still a bunch of bad-asses. And the best thing….they are still into choppers. Not all and mostly the older guys but they have some cool shit riding around. We asked HESSIANS MC nomad (sorry Toneye is WEST COAST, not nomad, so hey blogfollowers, read the comments, you should Always read the comments haha) member Toneye (here on photo with his wife) to send us some pics. Thanx man, if you have more pics of cool HESSIAN choppers, you now know how to reach us. And Toneye, old club photos are welcome too.


Author: Beer

I have been working for biker magazines for most of my life. I am currently making a two percenter choppers-only yearbook myself called, CHOP, RIDE & PARTY. Check it out, previews are on facebook. The CRP yearbook will come out soon.

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