Rogues member Beer is working on a new magazine. Actually, it will be more of book, 160 pages and hard cover. It will be an anual publication. So one issue a year.  He calls it the Chop, Ride & Party ROADBOOK. It is made for the two percenter movement, for all chopper lovers. So yes, it will be choppers only! Written in English with many interesting articles about building and riding choppers, roadtrips, history and art, much art work. Allthough the writer Beer os one of the men behind this Rogues blog and  a member of the club, the book is an independent enterprise of him. It has nothing to do with the club except that it will have a lot of stuff in it that the Rogues like. Check it out. More information on facebook.

Chop, Ride & Party will be presented at the RMC Choppershow next year, Easter.

Author: Beer

I have been working for biker magazines for most of my life. I am currently making a two percenter choppers-only yearbook myself called, CHOP, RIDE & PARTY. Check it out, previews are on facebook. The CRP yearbook will come out soon.

4 thoughts on “NEW: CHOP, RIDE & PARTY MAGAZINE!!!”

  1. it would be special if you could do a special on all the long time originals that are passing away. outsider goose , elfostero tom fugal, warlock grub, david mann

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