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Very succesfull attempt to turn a Dyna into a Bobber (good thing we have blogfollowers paying attention, see comment. Peter noticed the bike on photo is no Dyna at all, it is in fact a 1985 Wide Glide. No wonder the ‘Dyna’ frame looked so much like a fourspeed swingarm cause in fact it is.) Lot of old skool stuff and lowered front and rear (thanx to struts).

Love that straight up sissybar, the solo seat with extra low springs, the duo, the chopped rearfender, the flanders srtyle pullback handlebars and the frontend rubbers. Together with the right tires these cool ingredients do the trick. And it aint that difficult if you know what you are doing.

With the Dyna frame the factory tried to make a copy of the old fourspeed swingarm. Mainly because many people did not like the frame of the Dyna’s predecessor the FXR. The Dyna frames however still differed too much from the Fourspeed frames. What bothers people most about the Dyna frame is the seat hight compared to the rearfender height. With a fourspeed frame the difference in height is much bigger making you sit more IN the bike than ON.

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