70’s Longbikes

Okay, so we are having a special here on Longbikes. Why? Some of us are building bikes like this today. The longbike-rage originally started in the States. When this longbike chopper style became more popular, people started to make them longer and longer.

Already in 1963 it was Dick Allen who started making and selling real long springers. The other shop(!) that started building complete real(!) longbikes commercially, probably was Denver’s Choppers around 1967. On photo we see three typical Denver Choppers. The young dude with the long hair in the wind is Denver Chopper’s Freddy Hernandez.

Author: Beer

I have been working for biker magazines for most of my life. I am currently making a two percenter choppers-only yearbook myself called, CHOP, RIDE & PARTY. Check it out, previews are on facebook. The CRP yearbook will come out soon.

4 thoughts on “70’s Longbikes”

  1. Dick Allen was before Sugar bear he sold long springers to Sugar Bear but was so unreliable Sugar Bear started making his own

  2. When you guys were in Sioux City visiting Tom,did he take you to Suicide Choppers? One of the original SugarBear Long Fork chops sits ready to ride upstairs there. I have a couple pictures somewhere I will share.

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