Big Jos, the Cremation

BIG JOS IS NO MORE! Last friday people had the opportunity to pay respect to Jos at the clubhouse in Opmeer. We, Rogues MC, want to thank everybody who showed up that evening and all those who brought or sent flowers.

Sunday we left the clubhouse to accompany Jos to the cremation center. Friends, family and representatives of this amazing bikerworld of ours, everybody was there!  We rode with a pack of almost 200 motorcycles behind the El Camino that carried our brother Big Jos. The words spoken at the cremation center were all beautifull and full of respect for this remarkable man. Later, after the big ceremony most went for a drink and some food at the clubhouse to celebrate Big Jos’life..

THNX a Million, everyone! We appreciated your presence a lot. More photos later.


Author: Beer

I have been working for biker magazines for most of my life. I am currently making a two percenter choppers-only yearbook myself called, CHOP, RIDE & PARTY. Check it out, previews are on facebook. The CRP yearbook will come out soon.

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