As I was looking in my archive, I found some pictures of old Harley’s. When we went to Denmark, from may 16th till may 19th, we had to stop several times to repair my younger brother his Sporster. But also the ‘Liberators’ among our members had some issues. The 45 of my older brother had to be maintained along the route, and not just for oil only. And if that wasn’t enough, just as we arrived on the camp-side, Beer had a flat rear-tire. Anyway, not that it spoiled our mood, but a little less repairing would have been welcome! Inside the Rogues there was this small ’45 still alive’ mob. Fonda, my older brother Toon and Kwak – both ex-members now – But for those among you who are ‘old’ enough may remember them. Toon bought his Liberator from Schweick. Schweick bought a Shovelhead in return.  Beer and I also had a Shovelhead and my my youger brother Blut was riding the Sporty. So, Beer, Fonda, Blut, Toon, Schweick, Kwak, Brom (hangaround) and me went to Denmark. On arrival we had to repair Beer’s rear tire. I made some pictures of it and later that day photo’s of bikes etc.  Now, I will come back on this issue here above, because this was ‘just’ the beginning of a turbulent weekend.

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