Last Wednesday I broke my leg again in a simular way like six years ago. I ended up in the hospital and now my left leg is in the plaster. Anyway, it will take at least eight to ten weeks to heal because of my bone condition. But nevertheless, I’m back again.

Saturday is the day were busy at the clubhouse. This time some pictures from above as well.
Lots of pipes and tubes are placed behind a wooden wall. Also the electrical wires mainly are placed into this space. Last week I wrote that Pult was giving instructions from upstairs to Brembo. Pult had put himself into a awkward position to get the electric wires into the right position. But this was the only way to get the job done.

There are lots of building instructions that must be followed by the law. Such as fire hoses, smoke detectors, extra fire escape exits and exit signs and so on.

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