Clubhouse Opmeer

Two weeks ago, on Saturday, when I was at the clubhouse, we took some pictures. As I wrote the last time, the weather was more then perfect. The guys were busy with two rather large heating elements with vents. Brembo had just picked those up for a few bucks. They had to be cleaned and checked. They seem to be in perfect order, but one never knows for sure. Once installed maintenance is a bit more difficult.

Frank, Wicky and Brass looknig at one of the second hand central heaters.

Frank was busy painting and Brembo made progress with the electric wires. Outside on the entrance door our club logo was screwed on and the doors of our work- and repair room were in their final colour. So that’s two jobs less on the list. Of course there’s always some time for a smoke with a self-rolled cigarette!

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