Club history

Two days ago I posted a photo with our first ‘colors’. Actually it was our second type. At first it was only the center color and on the sleeve of our coats a circular patch (More about these circular sleeve patches on a later date). Made from leather from a old coat. Painted by hand in red in the shape of a chopper. Non of them were exactly the same. Only the first three. Those of the founders from our club; Beer, Krop and I (Brass).

The first year of our existence lots of ‘new’ members joined our club. So, to speed up the process of making the new colors, I had to be inventive with the rest of the coat. Some became rather small. But in fact we wanted them to be bigger. And thus, after two and a half year it was time for a change.

The photo, made in the evening, of the old colors, was taken on the 8th of May 1982 after a meeting with all the members. I remember it well, because we were all busy with cutting it from our ‘cut-offs’. Haha, what’s in a name….

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