Club History

Anyway, we had a lot of fun and during my birthday party in December and the two and a half years of my stay in ‘Heliomare’. I had several short-term relationships with different nurses. One more intense than the other. At the club they always joked and / or talked about it. As if I used my ‘handicap’ as a way to deceive them. Not that I took the trouble, I tried to make my stay as comfortable as possible.

One of these short-term relationships was with Marlies Zoon. A very sweet and committed girl. Here you can see her and me on the picture above. My grandmother, 81 years old that time, warned me that night for Marlies, after she had seen her for less than a minute. My grandmother said to me: “You have to be very careful with her, because she is extremely jealous!” And she was right. Grandma hit the nail on the head that night!

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