Clubhouse Opmeer

Another Saturday has past and again volunteers and members were busy at the clubhouse. No need to say that there is going to be a lot of time in the finishing of the whole. It may be clear for all of you that although a lot of work has been done there still a lot is to do yet.

Anyway, piece by piece we’ll get there. And also no need to say that we couldn’t reach this point without the support from all of you out there. All of us are very honored to receive this financial as well as emotional support since the devastating fire on February 13th, 2015, changed our former clubhouse into a big pile of rubbish….

It seems that our temporary clubhouse has had its longest time and will soon be serving as a storage place for a while. After our ‘grand opening’ somewhere in the near future, probably in 2019, the temporary one will be sold and be taken apart and to be rebuild somewhere else.

Having said all this, it’s time for our latest update with some pictures.
On the photo above and below the placement of the pool-table into his new location. A heavy job that was, but it makes a huge difference in our new clubhouse to see this being placed on his ‘final’ position. Of course other stuff was being brought over as well.Awesome!!

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