Christmas Dinner 1986 – 1

Our second Christmas Dinner was held on the 26th of December 1986 in our first official clubhouse. Last week I wrote that our first Christmas Dinner wasn’t actually a dinner or buffet for that matter either, because we didn’t have gas and electricity in December ‘85. Only water and a good working stove. So 1986 had to be ‘better’ then the year before.

Now you all can imagine that we looked a bit younger those days and some members on these older photo’s aren’t member anymore. As for Schweick and my younger brother Blut you all know by now that both passed away many years ago.

Not that we had Christmas Dinners before. On the contrary…. Our first Christmas Dinner ever was on the 27th of December 1980 in ‘De Lantaern’ in Spanbroek. That was a sort of snackbar and small diner-restaurant. We used that building as our sort of clubhouse. I will tell you more about that some other time.

In the right corner Kwak.

Tomorrow I will show some pictures of our girls during these years.

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