Yesterday Goose, our good friend and example from Portland, Oregon, Outsiders MC died. Many from us came to know him as a well respected person and he always showed respect to others.
He was always interested in anything and everything others had to tell him. He was also generous and never too bad to give someone else something.

I remember it well when Goose met my mother during our thirtieth anniversary. I introduced her to him and my mom told him she was 77 years old at the time. Goose, not the youngest himself compared with us, but he was impressed by my mother. A older lady and still rocking and going strong.

Anyway, the next time, when he was visiting us again, he had brought a present for my mother.
My mother had told him that she liked his turquoise-coloured jewelry very much. So he had made special earrings and a necklace for my mother. My mother was and still is very happy with his gift and she wears it regularly and with great pride.

Like all of us, my mother will also have to miss a good friend and striking person. The many times that we have been with him and he with us makes it difficult to process this bitter pill.

Goose, we’ll meet you in Harley Heaven

Love and respect,


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