Clubhouse Opmeer

The last few weeks a lot has happened. Good friends of us passed away and its always a big blow to hear such news. But also more positive things occurred. Last Wednesday I went to the hospital for the fourth time concerning my broken leg. Well, finally after sixteen weeks the cast is replaced by a brace. So there’s progress in my leg concerning the healing of my bones.
At least five more weeks to go with a brace now, but my leg won’t have to be straight forward and may bend down the normal way. Takes a lot less space I can tell!

About the upcoming 28th RMC Choppershow on the 21st of April we were busy as well and work in our clubhouse also needs attention. And a lot work has been done these last few weeks and of course with the help of several volunteers. What should we do without them?

More and more smaller ‘details’ are being applied in our new accommodation. And I can tell it all looks awesome. Of course many more things have to be done and installed, for instance the ceiling and workshop, but in our clubhouse it gets more and more ‘cosey’ and gives us the feeling of being ‘home’ when we enter our clubhouse.

Later this week more about this topic.

Now its time for some pictures to show you all what I mean.

Yesterday Brembo was busy at high altitude driling a small hole in the wall.

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