1th RMC Choppershow

In less then 3 months our 28th Choppershow will take place in ‘De Weyver’ in Hoogwoud, a part of Opmeer. Some 28th years ago when we organised our first Choppershow it toke place in ‘Het Gouden Hoofd’ in Blokker. As soon as the doors went open that morning we realised that the location, a rather small café, wasn’t big enough to stash all that people. It was to Crowdy and the paths we thought were wide enough just weren’t. But all and all that day was a big success. For us as well as for the owner of café ‘Het Gouden Hoofd’.

Some of the pictures are a bit on the dark side because the colour-slides degrade over time. But first one of the articles which appeared in a local newspaper. In short it says that this was our first show organised to celebrate our 12,5 years anniversary. Ha, ha, this year already our 40th. Damm, a jetplane goes even slower the he years has passing by!!!

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