Of course it’s always easy to show a very nice or heavy chopped Harley Sportster. But most of the time you’ll buy a rather ‘strait forward’ model Sportster, and after a while you’ll begin to alter it here and there. As always the ‘bucks’ in your wallet determine how far you can or will go with your ‘project’.

With my younger brother Blut it was no different. He bought his Sporty from Cancer, a other clubmember in those days. Cancer on his turn had bought the Sportster in South-Africa, where he and Outlaw, also a clubmember then, had been living for several years. When Cancer came back he brought the Sportster with him. But from day one he had problems with it. So Blut could buy it from Cancer. But now Blut had to deal with it. Now here’s the thing; my younger brother used to be called ‘But’, but he was always broke. As a conscript Military, he didn’t earn any money, he just received an allowance. So, as a sort of practical joke we started to call him ‘Blut’ instead of ‘But’. You see, in Holland the word ‘Blut’ means ‘Broke’ in English.

Schweik, Beer, myself and other members had to help him almost just as much as you take a piss on the toilet or wherever. It was a Monday-morning engine. The oil came out of every corner and starting the damn thing wasn’t for the faint hearted. Thus, to get rid of the problems once and for all, we all agreed on two things. Cancer had sold my brother a pig in a poke and the engine had to be taken apart peace by peace to see where all the shit came from.

At the same time Blut decided to change it in a chopper with a hardtail-frame etc.
The picture you see below was taken a few weeks after he bought it from Cancer. At that time, February 1985, he was ‘still’ pleased to own the Sportster.

The second photo is from August 1985. By that time he was fed up with it and had already began taken parts of the Sportster. It took some effort from many of us, but we managed to turn the tide.

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