28th RMC Choppershow photos

Last Sunday we, the Rogues, held our 28th Choppershow. For most of you no news there. Nearly two thousand visitors made there way to ‘De Weyver’ in Hoogwoud. As always a lot of fun and no hassle. Perfect weather to make the perfect picture complete.

While I made some video recordings, ‘Lion King’ Mike took some photos with my camera. As well on Saturday as on Sunday. It is always difficult to make a choice. Even Mike and I differ about what we think is the nicest, best or most special bike. And all of you, who read our blog, have an opinion about it as well.

And when I think it’s nice to being showed, you might consider it crap. But I’ll take my change. Daredevil as I am.

Mutha Choppers from Bolsward is one of them to be mentioned. Steve is the owner and he brought his own hardtail with a ‘360′ rear tire. Because green is my favourite colour, this bike has some onus points. Haha…..

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