Rogues MC 40years – History

My accident in 1987. I had to stay in the AMC Hospital for seven and a half month. And the another two and a half year in ‘Heliomare’, a rehabilitation centre.

The death of my younger brother Blut in 1988.

Beer, Schweik, me and my brother Blut in Yugoslavia in 1986.

Our 10th anniversary in 1989.

The opening of our second new and larger clubhouse in 1999. The photo below is from April 1997.

The death of Schweik in 2002.

Schweik and me on April 30st 1987.

Our 25th Anniversary in 2004 with our club-band.

The death of Manny, also in 2004.

Tom, me and Manny – June 2001

The founding of our chapter in Almere in 2006.

Our 35th Anniversary in 2014.

The fire of our second clubhouse in 2015.

Then the death of Big Jos in 2017 and Haagse Fred in 2018. And not even that long ago, the death of Ed in 2019.

Big Jos and me in 2014 at our 35th anniversary
Haagse Fred and me at his initiation-party in September of 2008.
Ed and me in June 1979

The building of our third new and even bigger clubhouse starting in 2015 till now.

That was quite a very short summary. Anyway, first something else that I want to talk to you about now.

Years ago, when we went to a party or gave a party ourselves, it was customary to offer a patch. You could buy them either separately or they were included in the price. Often you sewed them on your colors to proudly show that you too were present. The oldest on my first color stems from 1982. They were not offered at parties from previous years where we went. But those padges naturally existed for much longer.

Tomorrow more about this item.

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