Rogues MC 40years – History part II

I just came back from our clubhouse, after having a good meal made by Snikkel in our brand new kitchen. Yesterday I wrote to tell you more. And as I told you also yesterday, at the end of 1985 we finally had our first clubhouse of our own. Ideal for giving parties. So we now also had the opportunity to give a club party on our own grounds. No sooner said than done. In 1987 it was time. Our 8th birthday was a fact. But because our birthday coincided with the CCN Party at the time, we celebrated it in the first weekend of September. When the CCN took a “time-out”, we moved our party back to the first weekend of August, our founding date.

So a invitation ‘poster’ had to made and send to our friends. About these posters I will come back to you and tell you more.

We also started with these anniversary patches in 1987. Unfortunately I had broken my neck a few months earlier during a motorbike accident with my Harley and could therefore not be present at this party. That is therefore also the reason why this first patch from 1987 does not appear in this list, unfortunately. I would have loved to have shown him if I had had him. And if anyone of you can fill in the gap, please let us know.

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