Rogues MC 40years – History part III

On Sunday I started a article about party-patches. We began in 1987 with these party-patches. By now we’ve reached 1999, the year the ‘millennium-bug’ was a hot topic for system-supervisors uising Windows-NT or Novell Netware, such a myself those days. The year 1999 was also the year we opened our new clubhouse, which had taken us several years to build, just like our newest clubhouse. It was also the year we celebrated our 20th anniversary. Also a milestone. Our former clubhouse had proven to be perfect for giving parties like our 20th anniversary.

But just like many other things, this habit also fell out of use.
Moreover, if you visited many parties, your color slowly but surely changed into a Christmas tree. And as an MC member, that is not the intention. So also for us the fun was over after 2000, the start of a new millennium. For the loyal fans we have maintained it up to and including 2003. One part of me says it’s a pitty we stoped and the other part tells me – also from a financial point of view – it’s better this way. And who knows, it will come back someday.

The year 2003 was the last year for us to ‘sell’ party-patches. And therefor came a end of sort of custom, which had started in 1987.

The coming days more about other topics.

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