Rogues MC 40years – History part IV

Last Saturday I was telling you about some of the highlights during these last 40 years. The choice of words wasn’t correct. Somebodies death ain’t a highlight of course, but for me it made a great impact on the list of what I consider ‘important enough’ to be recalled. But I’m confident you all understood what I meant.

It’s a huge list of memorable parties, events and encounters with good friends and clubs in these past 40 years from all over the world. It’s my list and maybe a list of those who have been in our club and still are for at least 38 years or more. Only Beer, Fonda, Stud and me have reached the full 40 years, closely followed by Nacks. Those of us who have been in our club less then 10 years will have a complete other list and everybody in between as well. But as I mentioned, it’s my list. And before you know it, you’ve stepped on somebodies toes because you forgot to mention them or you forgot to mention ‘that’, whatever that ‘that’ was. I’m fully aware of that effect. And so therefor from my side: sorry!

Brass, co-founder Rogues MC Opmeer


Our 30th Anniversary in 2009

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