Rogues MC 40 years – History part V

About these posters I would come back to you and tell you more them. As I told earlier, at the end of 1985 we finally had our first clubhouse and therefore ideal for giving parties. In the years prior to 1987 we held more informal anniversaries but in 1987 it was time. In September that year our 8th anniversary was a fact. It should have been August, but but o that date CCN held their choppershow in Beverwijk. A rather big show out in the open. When the CCN took a “time-out”, we moved our party back to the first weekend of August, our founding date.

So a invitation ‘poster’ had to made and send to our friends. In those days that list of friends wasn’t much different then now. Some clubs however have stopped existing during these past 40 years and some of them are still present like the CCN and Spiders MC. The Devils Wheelers MC, also friends those days stopped in 1990 I think.

Foreign clubs like Mothers Freak MC and Gamlestan MC from Götenburg, Gjutjärn MC from Uppsala, Sophia Hogs MC and Hydet MC from Stockholm, Peking Outlaws MC from Norköping. Sundbäckens MC from Högfors, Höks MC from Laholm, Cheyenne MC from Jönköping and a few from Oslo and the Boozers MC from Trondheim and the NCC from England. Some of them are there for 50 years or more. Some stopped. Over the years that list became longer and longer. Anyway, like I said, 1987 was our first anniversary with invitations further then our own borders. Unfortunately I wasn’t there, and therefor there are almost no photos of this party. I was in the hospital that time.

However, new technics came available, like the Video8 cameras and Speedy, a member those days, recorded the party for me so I could ‘see’ it to. And from these recordings I made some ‘stills’ of that party.

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