Hydet Party 1985

Yesterday I spoke about our 8th anniversary and the clubs that we had invited. Among them were many Swedish clubs, including Hydet MC from Stockholm.

Last member meeting, Ger gave me a “new” key from our also “new” clubhouse. Today I thought: “Come, let me put that new key with the others, so that I can get them all back together”. I grabbed my bunch of keys and suddenly I realized that there is a piece of leather on that “bunch of keys” that makes that bunch what it is: “a bunch of keys.” At the time, in 1985, I had added that piece of leather because of the memory I had of it. It was “THE” proof that I had been at the Hydet MC party. It is still vague to read: “Hydet – Choppermeeting 85 “. And that’s 34 years ago.

And because we were already friends with the members of, among others, Mothers Freak MC and Gjutjärn MC, not the least clubs at that time, it also opened the doors for us for which we are still grateful today!!!

Now there’s ‘Drunk’ and there’s ‘Passed out’. My HD in the upper left corner.

My red Harley Shovelhead is in the middle of this picture.

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