Rogues MC 40 years – History part V

As I already explained in earlier parts of our history, since 1987 we made invitations on posters in several formats from sometimes A4, mostly A3 and sometimes A2 or even bigger size to be send to our friends in Holland and abroad.

Of all these posters we had at least one copy left to be placed in our archive. When we went to our former ‘new’ clubhouse in 1999, all these posters were glued against the ceiling upstairs as a sort of wallpaper. All later copies as well.

However, all these posters were lost in the blazing fire in February 2015, so it took some time to get a hand on extra copies of all our invitations over the last 32 years. Lucky for me I had already some digital copies in my personal/Rogues MC archive. Latka filled in most of the posters I missed, but, sadly, not all of them.

My last appeal on our clubmeeting didn’t bring me any closer to my goal: ‘A (digital)copy of all our invitations’.

If any of you could fill in the gaps, I, no we, would be very pleased. A rather good photo made by phone will do just perfectly. A digital scan on 200dpi or higher even better.

Now, here’s the list:

1988, 1991, 2005, 2006 and 2012.

From 2008 and 2011 we only have a very small digital copy. A better copy of these two are welcome to.
If any of these years shows up I’ll let you know and show them on our blog.

Today I will show you the first four years of invitations and other stuff of that particular year.

Our first so called ‘proper’ invitation poster, A3 size, mady by Beer in 1987. The party-patch from 1987 is still missing to.

Our second poster of 1988 was lost in the fire.

The invitation poster on A1 format of our 10th Anniversary. Theun Dik also made a silver 10th Anniversary ring, as shown on the photo. There are several versions/years of this ring.

Our invitation of 1990 was a A2 size poster. We ordered 60 posters of our 11th Anniversary to be send to friends and mostly clubs abroad. More about this topic tomorrow.

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  1. Hoi Brass, Ik heb een foto van de 2012 poster voor je. Geef me je email dan stuur ik ‘m. L&R Hans Spiders MC Delft

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