Rogues MC 40 years – History part VI

The year 1992 it was our 13th anniversary and Schweik ordered a 13th anniversary club-ring. A one of and he was bragging about it to have it and that we all were ‘walking behind’. I already told about this some time ago.

No comment……

Bruut, Beer and Stoker at the entrance.

Dionne and one of our fiends, Sid, from the Demoniacs MC Avon.

Inside our ‘old’ clubhouse. Ed behind the bar. Horinghausen MC in da house.

Schweik and his parents during the party in 1992.

This girl preformed a outstanding good stript act. But unfortunately she got injured by a guitar of one of the band members. She still managed to finish her act. Most of the guests didn’t even notice it, but as I was recording it with my Canon A2 Hi8 video camera you could clearly see it happening. In ‘slomo’ it’s even worse to see it happen. Damn, what a blow it must have been for her and you can imagine that such a blow hurts a lot. I felt sorry for her.

Cancer and me while I was recording the strip act.

Kwak, Big Frred and Stud.

Skull, Bruut, Latka, Kwak and Stud. A Swedish car in the middle.

2 thoughts on “Rogues MC 40 years – History part VI”

  1. My dad luke berger aka lizard was in the demoniacs mc Avon I still see & keep in contact with the ex demoniacs mbrs some are in 81 west coast my dad lizard died in 96 and swight a rogues mbr came to bristol to lend a helping hand sadly he passed away from carbon monoxide poisoning in his flat in Holland so now I can see the rogues & demoniacs mc pics it takes me back 23 yrs love & respect to All members & prospects & supporters of all clubs life without you guys isn’t a life worth living 👍💯⚫⚪🔴⚪ 4life

    1. Great to see them remembered…..I remember seeing a couple of demoniacs in the old England pub in St. Paul’s Bristol and these guys didn’t give a fuck about any gangs or other clubs they exuded a certain aura that I’ve never witness before….just the size of these bloke were intimidating without the tattoos and scars…I was working security at the local amusement arcades and one hot day two massive guys came in without shirts and sat playing the driving game sera rally was big at that time for four players…these guys had the demoniac mc back tattoos and I thought there was gonna be trouble with the mainly Afro Caribbean boys that ran the streets but no there was no trouble and the guys left…I bumped into the demoniacs a few time in clubs and at parties and they were definitely getting a name for themselves lol..I think the demoniacs being invited to join the hells angels was a way of solving a very big problem…..the demoniacs being a proper handful it was the simplest way to control them without any violence…I may be wrong but that’s what I saw as a outsider…..these guys I’ve tried to look up and find stuff out about them for years with very little apart from local news papers….thanks for the info on your dad…I may have met him as name rings a bell..take care from Bristol uk…

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