Four weeks till our 40th Anniversary!

Yes, it’s only four weeks from today till our 40th anniversary and we, the Rogues, hope to meet you all (again) at our party!

We all looking forward to it.

The last few weeks I wrote a lot about the past concerning our anniversaries. You should almost forget that in the meantime some of our members and volunteers are still busy with making our clubhouse ‘presentable’ for all of you. Stoker deserves a lot of credit for all his efforts he had put in over all these past Saturdays.

Upstairs still a lot of work needs to be done. Some weeks ago, when I went upstairs to see the progress with my own eyes, Dionne made some photos as well.

Nol -above- and Pult -below- just came back from Francorchamps where the tested the Suzuki two-stroke Racer from Pult.

Bram, since last Saturday full-member, three week ago.

Me upstairs ‘inspecting’ the changes.

We also use ‘eco-friendly’ lightpanels in our clubhouse down- and upstairs.

Upstairs we also will install firehoses etc. to meet up to the safety standards.

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