Rogues MC 40 years – History part X

We’ve reached 1997, our 18th anniversary. I that year we had already made a lot of progress with the building of our former clubhouse, the one that burnt down in 2015. It’s the same year Schweik got married with Edith.

Anyway, that year was a bit of the same like the year before. Bands, strip-act, lots of beer and silly games. Some prospect had become a member as well. Schweik had his dragracer brought to the clubhouse . We, the Rogues, thought it would be a nice idea if Schweik preformed a huge burn-out with his Harley Dragster, and when the smoke cleared up they could see, coming out of the smoke, the striper girl.

Well, as always these ideas are easier said then done. Never thought Schweik would produce that much smoke. But that wasn’t the only thing he produced. The rubber from his rear tire even reached the lens of my camcorder and got stuck against it. And last but not least there was this distinguished smell of burnt rubber. It toke more time to clear up then we anticipated. And there was the noise. If you have a camcorder in your hand you can’t cover your ears. Oops…… Boy oh boy, but fun it was!!!

It took a while to get the sticky rubber from Schweiks rear tire of my lens without making scratches. In the meantime the strip-act was already started of course. Well, you can’t have it all!

Today also a selection of some photos of our 18th anniversary. Inside the former clubhouse, the burn-out, strip-act and some spectacular photos of the hood-sliding on Sunday.

El, Dionne and Mo baking egs etc

Jezus, Stoker, … and Nacks.

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