Rogues MC 40 years – History part XI

The years tick away and some clubs come and go over the years and others are there to stay. Our former burnt down clubhouse was nearly finished. We wanted the new clubhouse to be ready before our 20th anniversary the next year and new prospects were busy proving to be Rogues worthy.

On the invitation poster of our 19th anniversary in 1998 we see Hond and, I think, Nol. The weather wasn’t what you wanted, but that’s something that is out of your control.

In my previous history parts I sometimes had forgotten some of the names or even named them wrongly. Luckily Beer and you viewers fill in some of the gaps in my memory. I already made some corrections here and there. But remember: I din’t or do that on purpose!

Our former still unfinished clubhouse cleaned up for the up-coming 19th Rogues party.

Our first and second clubhouse next to each other in August 1998.

Prospect Karel aka Timo, Hond, Jockey, Platje, Brass and Manny.

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