Old T-Shirts

A few days ago I received a e-mail from a member, Bas, from Lost Ones MC – Zierikzee. He saw a photo of our old wooden clubhouse, demolished in November of 1998. Inside that clubhouse were several t-shirts from various clubs hanging on the walls, among those the t-shirt of Lost Ones MC.

On that photo you could see a t-shirt of Mothers Freak MC from Götenburg – Sweden, Custom Cycle from Uppsala – Sweden, Sundbäckens MC from Högfors – Sweden, one of our own club shirts, a shirt of Lost Ones MC from Zierikzee – Holland and Big Fred on the couch taking a nap. All these and other shirts were lost when our clubhouse burnt down.

But here’s the thing, Bas also mentioned that their club will celebrate their 40th anniversary as well this year. Only two months later in October. So for those of you who fancy more parties to attend to, Zierikzee is the place to be in October. They reach the same milestone as we do this year and we both came from a long way. Of course there are more ‘old’ clubs in Holland and let me tell you; ‘it’s rather difficult to maintain any club for that many years’. Younger members often have different views, but in the end they all must go in the same direction.

I’ve placed the same photo again and two other from two months later in October. We already had taken away most of the stuff out of our old clubhouse. It was also our last members only – meeting on Friday evening October 30th 1998. We also made a group-photo that evening. A few weeks later our beloved first clubhouse was gone after 13 years of loyal service.

October 30th 1998.

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