Rogues MC 40 years – History part XIII

Okay, we’ve reached the news millennium and all the ‘doom-scenarios’ such as the end of the planet earth, millennium-bug were less catastrophic then anticipated. The new clubhouse preformed outstandingly well and our workshop was a big hit. Only the kitchen turned out to be rather small.

Our PMA Nacks had many contacts in France and one of them was with MC Nice. They were at our party the year before and we had been at there clubhouse on several occasions as well. There was a good connection with them and us. So, somewhere down the line both clubs came to the same conclusion and the outcome was that we decided to start a chapter in Nice, in the south of France with it’s awesome surroundings and nice climate.

So, on our invitation poster we decided to announce that decision to let all our friends know that in the near future there would be a France Rogues chapter in Nice. But due to several external reasons in witch we didn’t have any control over, this became our personal ‘millennium-bug’.

One of the conclusions to be made out of this debacle was that we would never start a chapter abroad out of convenience again. Sometimes things just takes a certain direction which lead to something we both didn’t want.

From 2000, our 21st anniversary, we had live-bands and a strip-act again. Probably I didn’t make any photos during that party. I only have a few pictures from El. Photos from that party would therefor be very welcome.

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