Rogues MC 40 years – History part XIV

Today I shall write about our 22th anniversary in 2001. The new millennium was well on it’s way and we had new members and prospects. We had four prospects. Wicky, our president, was one of them. The others were Limp, Pult and Timo. Of course there are also members who left our club over the years and some others, sadly, passed away. I’m not in the habit to put ‘R.I.P.’ behind each member ore friend who’s no longer among us, just because I find it a bit disturbing or in other words to much confrontational to see it that many in these articles about the past 40 years.

I’ll hope you’ll all agree with me on this subject.

Those years were also the beginning of uni-cycle races in Holland. It’s a nice and competitive way among clubs to invite one another. These bikes have made some progress over the years as well. Prospect Bowie from Almere is doing rather well and won the last race. Last year he won the Dutch Championship.

Two days ago I wrote in History part 13 about our prospectclub MC Nice. In 2001 that was already history, so, on our invitation poster we decided to change the layout again and placed our club-color on both sides of the poster. In this way we let all our friends know that a France Rogues chapter in Nice was finished. That poster was send to the Cossacks MC in Dixon and send back from the States stating the forwarded order was expired. That’s also the reason why we have this poster still in our possession. I had it in my private collection, so this one survived the fire from March 2015.

We also made a new full colour club t-shirt stating our 22th anniversary. When we celebrated our 20th anniversary in 1999 we already had used that design. But we all loved that print, so we used it a second time. Also a strip-act, live bands and silly games on Sunday.

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