Rogues MC 40 years – History part XVI

The years tick away and the year 2003, when we celebrated our 24th anniversary, was a bit ‘downsized’ due to the fact that the year before there were complaints about the music. Some people in the ‘far’ neighbourhood thought it was to loud. Most people, who lived more close-by, didn’t have any complaints what so ever. It was always the same person over the years who had complaints. But any complaint, unlawful or not, is in the eyes of the law still a complaint. Because we wanted a big party in 2004 to commemorate our 25th anniversary we decided to give a downsized party in 2003 to avoid any complaints. So, 2003 we didn’t have any live music and DJ Tino had his music installation inside our clubhouse to damp the noise.

The UNI-Cycle teams grow in numbers and in 2003 we had about eight teams or so to compete to one another. The weather was just perfect and dirt and dust was flying everywhere. Especially directly behind the uni-cycle bikes. Guests for whom these races were new to them often were surprised by the shower of dirt produced by the rear-wheels of the two UNI-Cycle bikes during a lap.

tLurch was that year a prospect and, if I’m correct, Ap a hangaround. We also had a strip-act, the Twin-sisters according to the invitation poster. Well, Dustin, who had my old camcorder and I, who had a newer model, had almost a front-row position. But how no matter hard we looked, we only counted one of the two Twin-Sisters. Unless the were referring to her boobs that is. The act was also inside the clubhouse, so many guests even missed it, if they missed it at all.

It was also the last year to buy a party patch. In the years before we had a entrance fee and the party patch was included. But because we skipped the entrance fee the party-patch was no longer for free. The interest for these patches decreased dramatically and therefor we decided that this was the last time to order them.

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