No need to say that four days from now the party has kicked offff!!!.

Anyway, Sunday a week ago in the clubhouse we were talking about what sort of things still need to be done before upcoming Friday. Our president Wicky had asked Beer to sort out all the survived gifts from the past thirty-nine years. All the gifts hanging downstairs in the clubhouse survived the fire of 2015. Except those gifts where paper was involved. Everything from upstairs can be considered as written off, especially the older stuff. The fire made sure of that. So, there you have it.

Sunday afternoon a week ago we were in the clubhouse talking about the upcoming party and what still to do. Etter, Lurch, Wicky and Snikkel. The wall behind them still needed to be filled with gifts.

Beer busy sorting some of the gifts yesterday early afternoon.

Upstairs still many things still need to be done such as the bathroom with shower, the ceiling in some of the rooms and the Kitchener in the members-only room. The ceiling in the hallway and the members-only room were finished last Saturday. So upstairs will be of limit territory during the party because it isn’t ready yet. The work-shop is as good as ready, that same goes for the porch. Ineke, our indoor painter made sure of that. Her friend Stoker, our treasurer, who have been working almost every Saturday over past three years and Ineke for at least 18 months deserve some credit for all there efforts they put in together that long period.

The brand new ceiling with LED-lighting panels in our members-only room. Still empty, but over time this will definitely change. Below the ceiling in the hallway upstaris.

Ineke busy painting the beams on the porch. She has painted a lot of things in our clubhouse, these past few years.

Yesterday my best friend Beer phoned me up to tell me to come to the clubhouse at 13.00 hours to put the club gifts on the walls. Latka, Jamy, Beer, Ineke and Stoker were already there. Lion King Mike, Dionne and I arrived a bit later. I had asked LK Mike to take a photo of every club gift before or after it was put in to place on one of the walls to update the club-archive. I made some video-footage of it all. A bit later Wicky and Mick arrived on the scene to.

But yesterday, while sorting out, Beer and I came to the conclusion that the gifts that were still there, gave a good impression of all the different clubs who have came to our clubhouse(s) these last four decades.
The idea was that many of those gifts would be put against the walls downstairs of our new clubhouse before the party started.

During the afternoon more and more gifts were put on the walls and more and more memories came alive. Some of them were signed with many names on the backside. Yes, forty years ain’t a bitch.

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