A bit of both; HISTORY and our 40th ANNIVERSARY

Yesterday I wrote about the progress upstairs. The bathroom with shower still need to be finished. But we won’t let you down. On our premisses a shower will be present during the party. As a matter of fact, it will be installed today by some of our members. So, no worries there.

A few weeks ago I also wrote about our invitation posters, party patches and other stuff and the things we missed. Most of the invitation posters turned up and I now can tell you that my clubbrother Skull had some rather interesting club material at home, among it the missing party-patch from 1987 and a prospect-patch from MC Nice from 2000. I was delighted to see those both patches.

Because we don’t have that many days left before the party starts, I’ll just give you some final summaries and if necessary some updates. Of course I will get back to you about this party and th older ones on a later date.

About the weather-forecast in Holland during this weekend, it will most likely be dry!

See you all at the party.

The Unknown MC – Nomad – USA, from 2004.

Brother Speed MC – Oregon – USA, from 2004.

Ravens MC – Oakland – USA, from 2009 .

Outsiders MC – Portland – USA, from 2015.

Black Sheep MC – Holland, from 2009.

One thought on “A bit of both; HISTORY and our 40th ANNIVERSARY”

  1. Happy belated 40th anniversary from “THE HOLE IN THE WALL GANG” here in England! Hope you had a great night last night!

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