More pics of our 40th anniversary

Saturday evening was the moment for me to give a small speech to all of our guests.

Of course not all of them could have heard it, so therefor I’ll show my speech below.

“Hello everybody,

My name is Brass, one of the founders of Rogues MC, Opmeer, but most of you knew that already.

Of behalve of Rogues MC Opmeer and Almere I want to welcome you all at our 40th anniversary.

We all hope you have a good time here with us and the other guests, during this party and beyond.

40 years ago we couldn’t have imagined to come this far. But hee, here we are. 40 years later, older and probably most of us a little wiser.

Over the years we’ve established many contacts in many parts of the world. We are proud to know that many of you, and knowing we can call you ‘friends’ and equals. It’s heart-warming to see you here with us.

As you also all know in 2015 we had a major sat back when our former clubhouse burnt down to the ground. Because of that we had to build a new clubhouse ourselves again.

But without the support from many volunteers and lots of donations from many of you, this wouldn’t have been possible. And therefor we, Rogues MC, want to thank you all, once again,
from the depths of our hearts.

Well, there’s only a few things left to do for me, and that’s to ask Beer, Stud and Fonda come here and stand next to me!

The reason for that is that only the four of us can actually say to be member for the ‘full’ 40 years. And for those how are curious, Nacks is our runner up with 37,5 years membership.

Okay, the four of us has many members seen come and also seen go or sadly enough seen pass away. The same goes for friends and clubs. But how do you see that someone is a member for 40 years. Exactly, you don’t. You might know it, but that’s it.

Therefor I’ve arranged a gift for the four of us, to make it more visible that we are 40 years member.

One thing left to say now; congratulations to all of us.
Let’s party!!!


After my speech it was time to hand out my gifts and receiving gifts for our clubbrothers. Our president Wicky presented the four of us ‘The wheel of fortune’ made by Theun Dik. After this was handed out, Stud, as president of chapter Almere, presented us with their gift to us.

Stud, Beer, me – Brass and Fonda, the only four who are 40 years member.

Stud presenting Wicky the gift from chapter Almere.

Then it was time to call forward the ‘winners’ of our prizes. These were; the winner of the slow-run, the winner of the longest distance on a chopper, the winner of the nicest bike and the winner of the fastest kick-starter contest. The kick-start contest was a extreme close call between our Ger and Mark van der Kwaak, aka the Duckman. The latter won.

Ger and The Duckman staring their engines with a kick-starter. Bjorn, Lion King Mike and Fonda watching.

The Duckman and Ger, who became second.

Wicky, The Duckman and Brembo.

Brembo in action.

The final slow-run with three contenders. Bouncer, xxx from Plabs Choppers – France and Cyril from Plabs Choppers – France.

Cyril – thed winner, Fonda and Dean in the right corner.

Cyril, aka Francis Vega, from Plabs Choppers – France won the ‘Slow-race trophy’ and Kevin, also from France, won the Chopper contest and therefor received his trophy.

Wicky, Brembo and Cyril witgh his ‘Slowest of the race trophy’.

Tony Leenes, Fonda, Beer, Wicky, Kevin – the winner of the nicest chopper trfophy and Brembo.

Samuel Heikkinen from the Aliens – Finland, even went one more extra to Luxembourg, just to make sure he should win the longest distance prize.
A trophy he hoped to win for several years by now, and so he did. He rode 4.700 km before arriving at our party. Chad Larson from the Barons MC – USA, rode even much more, 7.537 km. But not on a chopper and therefor he saw ‘his’ prize go to Samuel. Samuel, who rode together with his girlfriend and Chad, ‘shared’ his trophy with the two of them.

Fonda, Beer, Samuel, Wicky and Brembo.

Samuel buisy ‘sharing’ his trophy with his grirlfriend and Chad Larsen from Barons MC, who rode more miles / km’s.

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