More pics of our 40th Anniversary – III

The Brother Speed MC presented us also with a rather large gift. However, this present came with a ‘story’ as well. They had to pay extra to get it by plane to Holland, because of the weight. Before the ‘package’ arrived at our clubhouse, customs at the airport had taken it all apart again to check if all was okay. The 21” wheel came a few days later, but well in time before the party.

New York Donny gave us the present on behalf of Brother Speed MC. Donny told us that their gift already came along with some history. While the white disc behind the 21” front wheel was brought to the clubhouse to be signed by the members it ended up laying on the bar. So, guests in the clubhouse started signing it as well. One of them, Mike from the Hessians MC, died shortly after he signed it. May he rest in peace. We wish his brothers, family and friends strength to bare this loss.

New York Donny, Wicky and Matt.

You all can understand this gift is instantly emotional loaded.

On the photo below I placed two red circles. One around Mike his autograph and the other around New York Donny’s signature.

N.Y. Donny looking for the signature to a photo of it.

Our Swedish cook Snikkel, Ingrid and the Swedish Sous-chef Boyd.

Some more gifts presented to us at the party below.

Inge and me.

Mike Duarte busy assembling the gift from the Harley Brothers – Luxemburg.

Mike Duarte and Wicky.

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